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Volunteers at Nene Park can now earn 'Time Credits' for volunteering their time. Time credits are a community currency that can be earned by volunteers or service users. These credits can then be used to access activities, including local attractions, training courses and leisure services. 

The scheme is coordinated by Tempo, a charity working to enable more people to volunteer and is growing a movement of future-thinking charities, statutory authorities, community groups and businesses, who share the belief that giving time and feeling valued improves health, happiness and future prospects. Nene Park Trust has now become one of these organisations and is an 'earn partner' with Tempo - seeking to reward our growing group of dedicated volunteers.

From Monday 27 January, volunteers at Nene Park can earn these 'time credits'. One hour of time volunteering at Nene Park = 1 time credit. When volunteers register as a member with Tempo, they can then spend their time credits at various 'spender venues' on certain services in Peterborough and beyond. Currently in Peterborough, Central Park and The New Theatre are offering time credit spends. You are also able to spend your time credits in other cities (Cambridge and London use tempo time credits) or you can give your time credits to others to use and enjoy (friends, grandchildren, children). Visit https://timecredits.com/, click on ‘spend time credits’, enter your post code and it will list all spend opportunities nearby.

If you are a registered Nene Park Trust volunteer and have signed up to the Tempo Time Credits scheme, your Volunteer Supervisor will hand over a time credit note once you have completed your volunteering. The time credits are capped at a maximum of three time credits a week.  

Nene Park Trust will also offer a minimum of 1 spend activity a quarter, which means volunteers will be able to spend their time credits on an activity or workshop here in the Park too. 

For more information on the scheme go to https://www.wearetempo.org/. To find out more about volunteering at Nene Park please email: volunteer@neneparktrust.org.uk.


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