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The Park Management Team is currently carrying out Willow tree safety pollarding work in the Park as part of our woodland management plan. 

The Willow trees were planted by The Peterborough Development Corporation approximately 50 years ago. The majority of these trees have now reached an age where inherent structural weaknesses are now visible, as highlighted by a recent inspection. The trees have started to shed branches and large limbs, especially during periods of strong wind.

The ecology of the White Willow makes it a fast-growing, but relatively short-lived species. The dilapidation of these trees is a natural process that occurs as they reach maturity.

The Park Management Team are working hard to try and prolong the life of the trees by carrying out pollarding works. Our plans were subject to checks by the Forestry Commission, who were happy to approve the approach taken by the Trust. The safety and wellbeing of our visitors is of paramount importance, so thank you for your understanding as the work takes place.

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