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Over the past few months, we have been reviewing our car parking system at Ferry Meadows and have made the decision to implement some changes that will make the payment experience easier for our visitors and reduce the need for enforcement.  We will be replacing our existing system and installing two barriers with ANPR cameras at both the entrance and exit at Ferry Meadows.

Drivers will drive up to the entry barriers and a camera will take a photo of their vehicle registration number. The barrier will then rise. When visitors are ready to leave they will enter their vehicle registration number at a pay station and pay the appropriate charge. Provided the driver has paid, the exit barrier will rise automatically, thereby reducing the likelihood of queues on exit.

The new system has many benefits. Given that payment will be made before leaving, no further enforcement will be required for non-payment. The system is ticketless, which will reduce litter. The new pay machines will also give change when paying with cash and there will be the ability to pay using card, contactless and a new mobile App. In addition, a 24/7 call centre service will operate with intercom connection from the barriers in the park, so that any problems or issues can be dealt with remotely, especially those arising after hours when there are no staff on hand to assist.

The existing tariffs will remain unchanged, except that free parking will now be given to motorbikes. Just as now, parking members and those on “white lists” will not need to go to a pay station. The entry and exit barriers will rise automatically once their registration number has been recognised. Groups that currently receive free or discounted parking will continue to do so via a special bar code.

We aim to have this new system in place at Ferry Meadows by the end of September. For more information, keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

A new barrier system (with tickets) will also be rolled out in late September at Orton Meadows. Customers of the Granary, Rutland Cycling and Nene Golf will continue to receive free parking by having their tickets discounted in store

Parking charges at Thorpe Meadows will be introduced in mid July. A simple pay and display system will be introduced with payment in cash, or by card using the mobile App. The first hour will be free, so that dog walkers and others on short visits to Thorpe Meadows will continue to receive free parking. 

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