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Following feedback from visitors, Nene Park Trust has developed a new Ferry Meadows Parking Membership Scheme that will permit members to park at Ferry Meadows in multiple vehicles that are owned by different individuals, such as carers or other family members, for the same annual membership of £70.

The way the existing parking membership works is that members are only able to register up to two vehicle registrations for parking at Ferry Meadows and these must be registered to the members’ address. This new membership has been designed to be more flexible.

Essential Companion Parking Membership is available to disabled people who:

  • need a companion to accompany them in order to visit Ferry Meadows
  • require the use of a car to get to Ferry Meadows
  • do not drive
  • are of driving age

For more information on Ferry Meadows Essential Companion Parking Membership please visit our Parking page or contact us via Ferry Meadows Visitor Centre or parking@neneparktrust.org.

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