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Have you always wanted to try open water swimming? OR are you training for a triathalon and need to get some extra practice in? We are very excited to be bringing weekly open water swimming sessions to Gunwade Lake in Ferry Meadows throughout the summer. The first session will be held on Thursday 6 June 5.30-7pm and will continue throughout the summer on Thursday evenings 5.30-7pm. All confident swimmers welcome to attend.

The Course
The course is a 400m rectangular circuit on Gunwade Lake marked out by four yellow buoys. Swimmers are required to swim in an anticlockwise direction around the course and they can complete the course as many times as they like within the swim session. The course will be patrolled by a safety boat and kayak-based spotter throughout the swim session.

Open Water Swimming can be more difficult than swimming in a pool and so swimmers must be confident in the water and able to swim a minimum of 1000 meters (1 Km) unaided in a pool setting. Swimmers are advised to wear a wetsuit in the lake and this is compulsory for swimmers under 16 years old. Wetsuits will be available to hire at Nene Outdoors. Swimmers must also use a tow float (provided), wear a brightly coloured swim hat and a NOWCA wristband. These wristbands allow us to see easily who is on and off the water and you can also track your swim sessions.

There is no need to book to come along to our swim sessions but you do need to register in advance with NOWCA so you can receive your wrist band when you arrive at Nene Outdoors. Register online at: https://nowca.org/. It's £12 to register for the season and your first swim session at Nene Park will be free.

Session costs:
Each swim session will cost £5.50, with your first session free when you've registered with NOWCA.

For more information, take a look at our Pre-swim information and responsibility statement

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