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Following the government announcement last week on lockdown measures being further eased and the good weather over the weekend, Nene Park received a deluge of visitors on Saturday, to the extent where the car parks were full and people were not observing social distancing rules within the Park.

As a result, we made the difficult decision to close the Ferry Meadows car park to ensure the safety of all visitors and our staff, which has always been our foremost priority. As of today, we will start to gradually and carefully re-open the car parks to accommodate manageable numbers of visitors. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN RESIDENTIAL STREETS. We have been made aware of this concerning issue, which is creating an understandably frustrating impact on the local community. We are working with the local police and Peterborough City Council to look at how they can control and enforce this. At this time, it is critical that people travel by car to the Park as a last resort. Please travel on foot or by bicycle where you can.

ALL visitors should observe social distancing guidelines which are clearly displayed throughout the Park and can be found here. This includes keeping your dog on a lead, cycling safely and cautiously within the Park, only meeting up with 6 people or less and always maintaining 2 metre social distancing. This does not mean that all other requirements set out in our Park Code of being a responsible visitor to Nene Park should be ignored, particularly not swimming in any of our lakes and disposing of litter in the large number of provided bins, or even better taking it home with you. The levels of littering across the Park has been unacceptable given the extensive bin facilities Nene Park Trust provides at huge cost.

These rules are there for everyone and it is not the responsibility of our Ranger Team to enforce them, but the responsibility of our visitors to be respectful to each other and to look after the Park, which exists to provide a safe greenspace and recreation for the residents of Peterborough and beyond. Our Park Management Team is almost back to full strength, save for those that are shielding - and within our powers, we will proactively manage visitor numbers on busy days. However, overall we are not at full capacity as a team as our volunteers are unable to support us at this time.

If social distancing measures and the Park Code are ignored then we will have no other option but to close the car parks again. Please be a responsible visitor and be supportive of our guidelines so the Park can continue to be enjoyed safely by everyone.

Thank you for your understanding and for all of the positive messages we have received in the past few months, we really do appreciate your support. We are working towards extending our signage within the Park to ensure all visitors are aware of our guidance and Park Code and to increase our social media posts on busy days to keep our followers aware of the latest news, live from the Park.

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