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With temperatures remaining high for the next few weeks, Nene Park is the perfect destination for friends and families to gather for a picnic or barbecue by the side of the lake - but it is important to bear in mind our hot weather safety tips especially around fire safety.

Earlier this week, one of the new bins stations at Lakeside, only installed a few weeks ago, was destroyed by fire. This was almost certainly caused by a disposable barbecue thrown in the bin. Not only was this a serious fire risk to visitors and to the Park but it now means more hard work for Nene Park staff to reinstate new bins, which cost the charity thousands of pounds to install.

This situation could have been easily avoided as all the new bins have a dedicated metal barbecue bin beside them, so that visitors can dispose of their barbecues and hot barbecue ash safely. Even if a disposable barbecue appears to have gone out completely, there is still significant risk of fire, so please use the dedicated bins provided.

Barbecues and minimizing fire risk at Nene Park

Please keep the following things in mind  if you are thinking of having a barbecue at the Park:

  • Please use the permanent barbecues already installed in the park and if you can, please do not use disposable barbecues during this very hot weather; the fire risk is significantly increased with disposable barbecues left on the grass or wrongly placed in the bins.
  • Please dispose of all barbecue ash in the purpose made metal barbecue bins at the bin stations.
  • BBQ charcoal is available at the Ferry Meadows Visitor Centre and Nene Outdoors at Lakeside.
  • If for any reason you do find a fire at one of the bin areas or anywhere else in the park please phone the duty ranger number on 07860 308081 or speak to a member of Nene Park Trust Staff (during the main opening hours of the park 8am – 6.30pm)
  • If you are not able to do this call 999 and ask for the fire brigade. Do not try and put the fire out yourself.

No swimming in the lakes

As tempting as it may seem to cool off, please don’t swim in the lakes as this can be extremely dangerous. Why not come and enjoy some of our watersports activities at Nene Outdoors Watersports and Activity Centre instead. With no qualifications or experience required, you can hire a pedalo, a kayak or a paddle board and enjoy splashing about in the water safely.

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