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For the last three weeks we have been unable to recycle any waste across Nene Park, as our waste provider Viridor has reported finding dog waste in our recycling bins. 

The recycling waste is sorted by hand and so, for health and hygiene reasons, finding dog waste among the recycling contents has put a complete halt on further sorting and the the rest of the recycling process. As a result, all our recycling has had to be incinerated along with the general waste.

This is a tragic situation for us, as we pride ourselves on our green credentials and would like to be increasing the level of recycling we do and not reducing it.

We would therefore like to remind all dog walkers that bagged dog waste must be placed in the general waste bins. All our bins are clearly marked that dog waste goes in general waste. We're now keeping our fingers and paws crossed that we can resume our usual high levels of recycling soon. 

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