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With the bank holiday weekend and half term about to arrive, the weather is remaining fine and settled. We want our visitors to continue to enjoy a visit to the Nene Park, but can we please remind everyone that our car parking spaces at the moment are still restricted to help us to manage the number of people arriving by car. We will not be opening our overflow car parks over this period.

We would still strongly recommend that people continue to visit the Park by foot or by bike, if they can, as this is still the best way to guarantee a sustainable visit to Nene Park. For those of you arriving by car, as a last resort, we would urge that you think carefully about the time you come so as to avoid peak times (11am-3pm), and try and use other car parks other than Ferry Meadows, such as Thorpe Meadows or Orton Mere. Once our car parks are full, they will be closed and cars will be turned away (both members and non-members).

Please be reminded that our play areas are still closed and BBQs are not allowed at the moment. If you are cycling in the Park, please be courteous to pedestrians, maintain social distancing and only cycle slowly. High speed cycling for fitness is not allowed in the Park and is a danger to other Park users. Please remember to use a bell to warn pedestrians that you are approaching.

Thanks again for all your support in following social distancing guidelines and keeping the Park as safe as possible for all our visitors.

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