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Following a review of our current parking system and visitor feedback, a new parking system will be in operation at Ferry Meadows from the week of 24 September and at Orton Meadows from 1 October 2018.  With only two weeks to go before parking changes go live at Ferry Meadows, read here about how the new system will work. 

Ferry Meadows

The new system is very similar to the one already in place at Ferry Meadows as it will still use automatic number plate recognition. The main difference is that we are introducing a barrier system on entry and exit. As visitors enter the Park, drivers will drive up to the entry barrier and the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will take a photo of their vehicle registration and the barrier will rise. When visitors are ready to leave the Park, they will need to enter their vehicle registration number in FULL at one of the pay machines and pay the appropriate charge, as is the case currently. As they drive out of the Park, the camera will take another photo of their registration number and if the charge has been paid the barrier will rise automatically. 

The new barrier system will mean that visitors won't be able to leave the car park without paying. 

Payments can be made via cash, contactless payment, credit and debit cards. 

Orton Meadows

The new system at Orton Meadows will incorporate a barrier system with tickets on entry and exit to the car park.

Customers of The Granary, Rutland Cycling and Orton Meadows Golf Club and Pitch and Putt will continue to be able to park for FREE provided they present their ticket in store before leaving. 

What are the benefits of the new system?

There are a number of specific benefits which the new system will provide:

  • The new barrier system will mean that there should be little or no requirement for enforcement action and penalty charges for our visitors
  • A more robust communications network will be in place to ensure the reliability of card and contactless payments
  • The new systems will also benefit from access to a call centre all day, every day which will deal with any issues for those visitors who exit the Park after hours

All parking memberships will remain in place and groups using the Park will still be able to benefit from discounted rates.

For more information, click below to read our: 

Ferry Meadows Parking FAQs

Orton Meadows Parking FAQs

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