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Last updated 11 May 2020

Are the car parks open?

Ferry Meadows car park is closed from Tuesday 24th March for the foreseeable future. We encourage all our visitors to act responsibly and not to park on the roads around Ferry Meadows, and instead, to leave their cars at home. The car park at Orton Meadows is currently open for customers of the businesses there. The car parks at Orton Mere and Thorpe Meadows remain open for emergency access and we would discourage visitors from parking there and only to access the Park on foot or by bicycle.

Is the Park open?

Ferry Meadows and the wider Nene Park has a multitude of access points, as well as many public rights of way crossing the Park, making it practically impossible to close the Park.

The Park therefore remains open for responsible users on foot or bicycle, and we urge in the strongest terms the need to strictly follow the latest Government advice on Social Distancing if you visit.

Social distancing at Nene Park

Footpaths: Please keep to one side so others may pass at a safe distance. If needed, walk on the grass to the side of the path until it is safe to return to the path.

Bridges: Wait for others to cross before you do and please do not linger; be considerate of others and try not to touch the handrails.

Dog walking: We strongly urge you to keep dogs on a lead to conform with social distancing guidelines

Hygiene: Wash your hands before and after your visit.  Hand sanitiser stations and hand washing facilities can be found in the toilets and at the pay machines.

Cyclists: Maintain a reduced speed in the Park and a two metre distance from pedestrians at all times. Please do not use the Bluebell Wood boardwalk; cycling is not permitted.

Are the toilets / cafes open?

No, for the safety of staff and visitors, Ferry Meadows café and Lakeside Kitchen and Bar are both adhering to Government guidelines and will remained closed until further notice. Public toilets are also closed to avoid further spread of the coronavirus.

Is the Visitor Centre open?

No, for the safety of staff and visitors, we have closed the Visitor Centre.

Are the play areas open?

Where possible, entrance gates to play areas will be locked. Please do not try to enter these play areas. As Badger Play Park is impossible to close, we ask visitors to act responsibly and keep children away from the play equipment.  

Is Nene Outdoors open?

Nene Outdoors Watersports and Activity Centre is closed until further notice.

I live locally, can I still hire a mobility scooter?

Unfortunately our mobility hire service will be closed until further notice due to the risk of close contact with Park visitors.

Will any events and activities be running?

All events and activities in the park have been cancelled until the end of June at the earliest. We will refund anyone who has paid as soon as we are able to do so.

Will there be a staff presence in the park?

We will retain a Duty Ranger presence to patrol the Park, however they will not be available for any public interaction. If you have an emergency in the Park, please call the Ranger mobile on 07860 308081 but please limit this to emergency calls only.  For general enquiries or any other queries please email:  visitor.services@neneparktrust.org.uk where Trust staff will respond as quickly as it practicable.

What about my parking membership?

We are looking to extend parking memberships to take account of the time that the Ferry Meadows car park is closed. For example, if the car park remains closed for a total of two months, the date for renewal of your parking membership will be extended by two months.

If you are due to renew your parking membership over the next few weeks, please be aware that we can only process membership renewals by post, with payment by cheque. We are giving a 1 month grace period for memberships to be renewed. For example, if you were due to renew your membership by 31st March, we will give you until 30th April to do so before your membership will lapse.

Where is my nearest LOCAL park?

No-one is ever far from a green space, such as a local park. To find the nearest green space anywhere in the country you can use the online tool at:  Ordnance Survey (OS): https://getoutside.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/explore-near-me/form

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