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Mild Mustard

Date: 10/06/18

Venue: Ferry Meadows

Duration: 12:00pm - 4:00pm

As Keen As Mustard SwimRun is based on the Swedish Style endurance event called Otillo. We have a mild mustard version of the race. Ours is 10k and consists of approx. 1.8k of open water swimming and 8.2 km of mixed terrain running. To have a go...

You just need to be physically fit and capable of swimming in open water and mixed terrain running over the race distances.

You need to wear your trainers/running shoes throughout the event and you will need to wear a wetsuit, tri-suit or swimming gear. You can use additional equipment to help in the swim such as paddles, buoyancy aids, fins etc. but whatever you have you need to carry with you! Entry and exit into and out of the water can be tricky but that just adds to the fun. For more details visit https://www.akamustard.events/

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