Join us for this workshop led by local artist Emily Bowers, where we will be out on location, taking inspiration directly from the abundant nature around us at Nene Park.

It’s really amazing what happens when you start drawing/sketching/painting directly from life. You begin to notice so much more of the details around you and this carries through into daily life. We’ve all got our own unique way of creating and making marks and this workshop isn’t about how well you can render something that is in front of you on the page, it is about capturing what you see and feel.

Emily will begin the session showing you some of her sketchbooks and how other artists have approached drawing from life. She can give advice on how to find something to study and then how to capture that on the page looking at shapes, colours, textures and movement.

18 yrs+ £40.00 pp

There are two sessions to choose from 10:00 - 12noon or 13:00 - 15:00