This Christmas spread some Christmas sparkle in the Park by decorating one of our stars made from recycled wood. The money donated from the stars will go directly back into the Trust and used to make sure Nene Park is well looked after and here for everyone to enjoy, forever.

How to get involved:

⭐️ Purchase a star from the visitor centre for a suggested donation of £5 from Monday 1st November
⭐️ Decorate the star at home in any way you wish
⭐️ Bring the star back to the Visitor Centre before the 22nd December for it to be displayed


Get creative and use anything you would like to decorate them, from felt tips and wool, to leaves and stickers but do keep in mind:

  • They will be outside at all times, with all weather and wildlife! 
  • They will be hanging
  • They need to last until the 5th January

We can't wait to see how you decorate your stars and look forward to hanging them outside the Visitor Centre for all our visitors to enjoy over the festive period.

⭐️Have fun!⭐️

Any questions or queries please email the fundraising team: [email protected]