Eleanor Parrott - Fundraising Administrator 

My name is Eleanor and I first started working for Nene Park Trust (NPT) back in June of 2023 in the Visitor Centre. Coming to the end of my degree at university, studying International Relations, has taught me that I wanted to end up working for a charity that helps improve people’s lives, so when the opportunity came up to work for NPT I was ecstatic.

I spent my final year of university working for NPT when I was home for weekends and holidays and worked hard at developing my professional skills at the same time. I was offered opportunities to meet new people and gain some valuable office based experience through representing the Visitor Centre at the Nene Nursery opening and supporting Peterborough Celebrates 2024 with the Business Development Manager Abigail Ferrell. 

In April this year, I applied for the role of Fundraising Administrator to help Senior Fundraising Officer Lucy Thornton-Reid manage the Individual and Corporate side of Fundraising - and got the job! The experiences I had working in the Visitor Centre gave me the confidence and skill set I needed to start this position. Since starting, I have completed induction days where I get to see how different areas of the Park work and what they need to be successful. The most memorable day for me was the education day where I shadowed Tom our Outdoor Education Instructor and spent the day teaching year five students about rivers. The way the day was structured was engaging for the children and very informative, packed full of fun activities that the children all got involved in.

My Fundraising Administrator role so far has taught me how even the smallest donations can have a massive impact on the Park. My induction days also helped highlight how much of a difference these donations can go to teaching both adults and children all kinds of different skills and can really benefit their mental health and wellbeing. I am excited to begin learning the full journey that a donation takes and the process of sponsorships and appeals when it comes to larger events that we hold, and how they impact the size and character of them.